Beginners Guide to Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Understand this emerging field and take control of your projects.

Course Description

Ever wondered what on earth community and stakeholder engagement is all about? 

How do you know what to do when with your professional and community stakeholders?

Have you ever got advice on how to manage your stakeholders and wondered if it was right? How did they come up with that approach? 

In this course, we will explore the question, what is community engagement, by looking at a model known as the Engagement Spectrum. We  will explore how to read the spectrum as a whole and each of the five levels of engagement possible with community. 

After taking this course you will be able to explain the different levels of engagement and how they can be applied to a project. You will also be able to recognise the language of engagement so you can successfully use it in meetings and to clarify why different approaches are applied to your project.

As part of this course you'll have the opportunity to record the current state of engagement in the policies or strategic documentation of your organisation or project and all the  tools you use.


What's included?

22 Videos
2 Quizzes
7 PDFs
Susan Carter
Susan Carter
Community and Stakeholder Engagement Specialist

About the instructor

Like many community and stakeholder engagement specialists, I started my working life somewhere completely different! I'm a scientist and started my working life in environmental science roles. I especially loved connecting people with science and the environment and so my career started to change. First, it was with roles in science communication, then I took to behaviour change programs and then to community and stakeholder engagement. 

In these roles, I've worked in science, environment, regulation, and infrastructure-focused organisations. I have developed strategy that has calmed angry people down, built relationships and, when engagement strategy is early and, there is time dedicated to planning, I have achieved time, cost and stress savings for projects and organisations together with great outcomes for the community. 

Now, I'm passionate about helping others improve their leadership and engagement skills. 

I know if you're able to build skills to identify stakeholders and plan to implement better engagement programs your projects will also run efficiently, great outcomes will be achieved.

About Max Hardy 

Max works with leaders and organisations to achieve results through collaboration. His focus is on their toughest and most complex projects whilst also building ongoing capacity to collaborate and engage, across their organisation, with other organisations/stakeholders, and with their communities of interest.

Working as a coach, facilitator, process designer, trainer and strategic advisor, Max's approach is to work with people where they're at, understand their unique, and not so unique, challenges, and to co-create new ways of responding to those challenges

About Dr Anthony Boxshall

Anthony is the Principal and Founder of Science into Action. He is an experienced Executive and Board level scientific leader with expertise in environmental, conservation and climate adaptation science and the practical application of science for decision-making. He has a science PhD, is a qualified Board Director (Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors) and a member of the Institute of Learning Professionals. He is a Melbourne Enterprise Fellow at the University of Melbourne one day/week. 

Anthony works in the strategic decision-making space, often assisting decision-makers to align the delivery and content of strategies so they can be implemented and used… so they make impact. He coaches leaders and helps others see signal in the noise to cut through for delivery. He is a strong, clear, and accountable facilitator whose primary aim is to leave his clients with both the content and the strategy for their next steps. He has made a career of demystifying science for communities and all non-scientists. He is adept at co-design processes to enable clear decision-making that brings along all stakeholders.

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